Use size 6 needles
Baby yarn 3 or 4 ounce
St = stitches K = knit P = purl
YO = yarn over Inc = increase Mrk = marker
Tog = together RS = right side WS = wrong side
Cast on 50 stitches.
Work even in garter st (knit each row) until 2 purl ridges on right side.
(RS) Button hole - k2, YO, k2tog, k across.
Knit next row.


R1: (RS) K11, inc 1 , place mrk, inc 1, k4, inc 1, place mrk, inc 1, k13, inc 1, place mrk, inc 1, k4, inc 1, place mrk, inc 1, k10.
R2: K4, p across (slip mrks), to last 4 sts, k4
R3: k each stitch , inc one stitch before and after each marker, k to end.
Continue rows 2 and 3 until 10 purl ridges from first buttonhole.
Next row - k2, YO, k2tog, knit to first mrk, place stitches between first and second marker on a stitch holder.(sleeve) knit next stitches (back) to the next marker, place stitches between the next 2 markers on a stitch holder (other sleeve), knit next stitches
Next row (WS) k4, p across to last 4 sts, k4
Next row - k across.
Continue last 2 rows until 10 purl ridges from last buttonhole.
(RS) k2, YO, k2tog, k to end
Next rows - knit next 6 rows. Bind off.


From stitch holder, pick up one side of stitches and put onto needle.
R1: k
R2: p
Continue row 1 and 2 for 20 rows.
Knit next 6 rows. Bind off, leaving 12" of yarn to sew seam for sleeve.
Repeat for 2nd sleeve.


Cast on 14 st
R1: k
R2: p repeat rows 1 and 2 for 20 rows.
Cast on 15st end of next 2 rows.
Continue rows 1 and 2 until piece measures 3 1/2" from cast on rows.
Knit next 6 rows . Bind off. Do not cut yarn off, leave attached to pick up stitches for neckband.
Sew side seams.

Pick up 45 stitches along bonnet bottom. Knit to end, cast on 24 sts.
Next row - knit across
Next row - button hole knit to last 4 sts, k2tog, YO, k2.
Next row - knit across, then turn and bind off.
Add buttons where appropriate buttonholes to sweater and bonnet are.